We love cannabis. We always have and always will. We love the perfect snap of a finely cured flower, the neroli notes of a rare skunk varietal and the sparkle of a gorgeously mature bud. And because our job is not only to consume these flowers, but to cultivate them, we know we are very fortunate people.

Working with cannabis is a wonderful alchemy of climate, genetics, patience and sometimes luck. It’s about inspiration and practice, practice, practice. It has been our life and passion for nearly two decades. Still each time we harvest we learn something new. And every morning when we walk into our garden, we are reminded of just how lucky we are.

We hope you enjoy the flowers as much as we enjoyed growing them.


Citizens Research Alliance For Therapeutics takes the quality and safety our cannabis, edibles, and concentrates very seriously. It is our belief that by proving that medical cannabis can be produced and handled in a safe and sustainable manner, we can provide greater value and safety assurances to patients.

All of the therapeutic cannabis products we offer are tested for Potency, Microbiologicals, and Residual Solvents.

Clean Green Certified

Clean Green Certified Cannabis suppliers are selected for their organic-equivalent, sustainable agriculture practices, and are inspected annually for compliance with Clean Green Certified program standards regarding energy efficiency.

CRAFT patient members may remotely access a real-time menu of certified and lab tested products and choose delivery services designed to efficiently distribute products to members throughout the community, eliminating unnecessary travel.

CRAFT intends to maximize energy efficiency via standard practices for efficient lighting, heating and air conditioning, water management, etc. Where appropriate, new equipment will meet ENERGY STAR product standards and the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of our collective and will follow Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

Clean Green Certified!


CRAFT is a boutique collective that provides Clean Green Certified cannabis to its member patients. Our daily goal is to offer our Patient Members the most positive experience in obtaining the highest quality medicine. We are committed to our vision that the greatest contribution we can give to the cannabis movement is to embrace a community that understands the use of cannabis as a mainstream medicine and also realizes the need for preservation of the integrity of cannabis through environmental ethos and research methodology.

In order to preserve the art of clean therapeutics, we strive daily to integrate the concept of sustainable medicine into available medicinal cannabis options for Patient Members, while always cognizant of our obligation to safeguard the health and biodiversity of our land. We focus on showcasing the beauty and delicacy of organic methods, while respecting the sanctity and fragility of the environment.

Incorporated as a California Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, CRAFT’s community plan is designed to directly benefit a wide-range of worthy Berkeley area non-profits. The opportunity to provide funds for these non-profits and social service organizations is core to CRAFT’s vision.

The CRAFT team represents the signature of excellence in quality, service, and community trust. We strive to implement a platform where commerce is a sacred activity that elevates human relationships and accelerates cultural evolution.