Thank you East Bay Peeps for honoring us with Best Cannabis Delivery!

New Items:

  • New from Flavor: Blueberry Pie Live Resin

  • New Strains in from Native Seed (Strawberry Banana and Sherbet)

  • New from Beezle: (Starwalker OG, Citrus Snacks, Mango Cookies, Lemon Gelato, Banana Fuel, Mangostein)

  • New Flavors from Raw Garden: (Sweet & Sour, Wubba, Strawberry Haze, Chem Ape)

  • OG This is the Sh**! from Diamondback Genetics

  • New from Cypress: Lemon Skunk, Fruity Pebblez, DJ Short Blueberry, Pink Cookies)

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