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Wake n Bake Wednesday~


$55 for 5 Keeper’s Prerolls: CBD OG, Durban, Sour Girl

Purchase any I. C. 1/8, get an I. C. Preroll for $0.01


$45 Phat Mix n Match Quarter of Island Mountain Organics: Sherbet, Doc OG, Forbidden Fruit

$99 for 1/2 Oz Sun Fire: Killer Fruit

$140 for 1 Oz Sun Fire Personals: Sunset Sherbert, Smokestack Lighting 45

$160 for 1/2 Oz of Keeper’s: Zkittlez (25.97% THC Highest on the Market!)


$22 for 2 TerpX 1/2 Gram Sauces: SFV OG, Gelato #33

$40 I. C. Collective: This is the Sh!t Badder

$100 for 4 Grams of Raw Garden Sauces


Buy One Get One Goldrop PAX Pods: Banana Kush

Buy One Legion of Bloom 500mg Cartridge, Get One for $0.01

Save $20 when You Purchase 2 OMedibles PAX Pods


10% off Bhang THC Milk and Dark Chocolate Bars

$15 THC Mango CannaQuenchers with a Fruit Spark

20% off Korova CBD Cookies


5% Early Bird Discount for orders between 10am-11am (NO Double Discounting)


Check out Keepers Sour Girl – Best Cannabis Strain


Please note we are Cash Only and Drivers will check I.D. upon delivery