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Thank you East Bay Express for Best Cannabis Delivery : C.R.A.F.T. & Best Sativa : Super Lemon Haze!


Thank you High Times San Francisco Cannabis Cup 2019 for 5 awards to Keepers of the Craft!

1st Place Indica Flower: Dimepiece  –  2nd Place CBD Flower: CBD OG 

  3rd Place Hybrid Flower: Sour Girl 

Check out Keepers Sour Girl – Best Cannabis Strain

One of  2019’s Top 5 Marijuana Strains- Dimepiece


Happy National Care Givers Day! Care with Keepers!


$100 for 1/2 OZ Super Sungrown Flight : Choose Eight 1/8’s – True Humboldt Sherbet, True Humboldt Pound Cake, Trinity Super Sour Diesel, Trinity Rebel Cookies, Trinity Double OG x Chem Dog, Emerald Queen Cherry AK, or Lost Creek Purple Punch

Buy 1/2 OZ of New Alien Labs Smalls Area 41, Moonbow, Alien Mints Get a free Alien Labs Pre Roll: Biscotti or Baklava

$70 1/4 OZ Keepers of the CRAFT Wedding Cake Smalls

$150 1/2 OZ Keepers of the CRAFT Skywalker OG

$180 1/2 OZ Grizz, Diablo OG, Zkittlez


BOGO Heavy Hitters 2.2 Strawberry Cough Cartridge (Medical Only) 

$45 For 2 Dimebag Sugars: Pure OG, Dosi Face, Blue Dream, Garanimals, Northern Berry, Forbidden Fruit, Lem Chem

$50 F/eld Zmoothie #1 Live Rezin Sauce

$55 F/eld Lemon Z Rosin Budder


$20 for 2 Venice Cookie Company Pretzels CBD 1:1

Buy 2 Omedibles Sour Green Apple 10mg THC Gummies Get the third Free! 


$60 for 2 Carters Aromatherapy Designs CBD Pain Cream 10:1

Buy any Omedibles Body Oil or Bath Salt get a free Omedibles Sour Apple 10mg THC Gummie 


Early Bird Discount 5% off orders made between 10am-11am.

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